We design and build clean, efficient web applications to fill the diverse needs of our clientele.

We’ve built and maintained websites from scratch and by using different Content Management Systems (CMSs). Our core expertise is with the open source CMS, Drupal, including websites built in Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and Drupal 8. We have expertise in Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration. We've been building Drupal websites for 10 years and we keep up-to-date with the latest Drupal developments and best security practices. Our Drupal Marketplace listing explains more and also lists the dozens of modules to which we've contributed. Kosada has dual locations in Athens, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

For website presentation, we're experienced with building high quality, responsive, mobile-ready Drupal themes based on Photoshop mockups, or customizing a pre-made theme.

For website functionality, we have extensive experience with Drupal’s contributed modules, including familiarity with Views and Rules, including making custom modules for them – such as adding custom Views filters, and creating custom Rules conditions and actions. This has allowed our clients to enter and manage the data they need, in a way that works for them.

We are familiar with using and maintaining Unix webhosting servers (SSH, SFTP, shells, etc.) We use MySQL and LAMP in our own installations, as well as the clients we host, including e-mail management.

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Case Studies

Interconnecting Automation website

"I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism and care for the project....[T]he work performed was above and beyond what I expected. Great job. Plan on using them for all of our website needs."

Doug Bell, Owner, Interconnecting Automation

Design With Science website

"The new site is visually stunning, very modern and clean and the middle section (What we do) with the photos and questions definitely drew me in."

Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, EDAC
Senior Associate, GBBN Architects Inc.

Able Applied Technologies

"Kosada was able to ramp up quickly on . . . [one of our] crucial custom applications and provide us with timely and high quality engineering support. Kosada’s team was thorough and thoughtful. . . . [We] were very happy with their work."

Jim Taylor, Project Manager, Able Applied Technologies

Erie Plating Website

For the 1996 Summer Olympics, Erie Plating Company provided metal finishing services for 10,000+ Olympic torches. Each torch weighed about 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) and was made primarily of aluminum, with a Georgia pecan wood handle and gold ornamentation.

Research Design Connections Website

"Kosada was great to work with. . . . they investigated and implemented several improvements that will cut down on the time required to manage the website."

Sally Augustin, Research Design Connections, Senior Editor and Publisher

CooperVision International Website Platform

“I have been ecstatic with the work you did for us.”

April Lyall, CooperVision’s Front End Web Developer