Research Design Connections, an online design newsletter for paying subscribers, needed a new responsive website. Their old website, developed in 2007, required an overhaul to freshen its look, improve its efficiency, and meet the growing need for people accessing its content from mobile devices. Research Design Connections publishes research-backed articles on how design affects human emotions and behavior to an audience that includes interior designers, architects, and landscape architects.

The website upgrade included migrating over 2,300 legacy articles and blog posts; providing e-commerce subscription service and discounts to groups, individuals, and academic components; and managing the content creation and publishing process. Kosada determined that the Drupal content management system was an excellent fit because of its rich combination of functional modules, including modules to manage digital sales and content creation workflow. Designing a responsive website means that designers can now more easily access Research Design Connections’ content in the field through their mobile devices. “Drupal developers have worked hard to create many customizable responsive themes, so it was easy to find one that would work for this type of newsletter website,” said Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell, one of the project developers.

Steve Mokris, Kosada’s owner remarked, “We always feel great when we can take a website and make it better. Each website is different, and we were glad that we were able to leverage Drupal’s abilities to meet the client’s needs.”