Every company and organization is unique — but sometimes it can be hard to find technology to fulfill your unique needs. We can help.

Since 2004, we've developed high-quality software at competitive prices for a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Businesses who are looking for tailored solutions to make their work more efficient.
  • Organizations who need us to troubleshoot or add features to their custom software.
  • Entrepreneurs who hire our full-stack developers to create innovative apps.
  • Fellow developers who appreciate our expertise to help finish a project on time and within budget.

With dual locations in Athens, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio, we serve clients locally and around the world.

We have experience with…

Great communication for great results

We understand that good communication is critical to the success of a project. We kick off our communication with a thorough estimate of cost and time, break the project down into manageable chunks tracked in our task management system, and then check in with the client periodically with deliverables to make sure we’re on the right track. From start to finish, we collaborate with each client to meet their unique goals.

Support for the lifetime of the software

Owning custom software is a bit like raising a puppy or kitten: Not only do you help it become full-grown, you commit to take care of it throughout its lifetime. We can help you manage the entire lifetime of the software. The amount of maintenance that a piece of software will need later in its life depends a lot on how it's developed to begin with. We're well-versed in software engineering practices that make it easier to fix and enhance software in the future. We value long-term relationships with our clients.

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Case Studies

Sherman House Museum

"Kosada went above and beyond in the design and installation of new interactive exhibits at our museum. They were incredibly easy to work with, listened to our ideas and concerns, and created an excellent program that does just what we wanted and more."

Tammy Drobina, Executive Director of the Fairfield County Heritage Association

Mobile and Desktop apps

“Kosada is an outstanding software company with professional specialists who always delivered projects on time and budget. We look forward to engaging them in future projects.”

— Tamas Nagy, Vezér

Able Applied Technologies

"Kosada was able to ramp up quickly on one of our crucial custom applications and provide us with timely and high quality engineering support.  Kosada’s team was thorough and thoughtful.  We were very happy with their work."

— Jim Taylor, Project Manager, Able Applied Technologies

Kineme Projects

"Kosada / Kineme have helped me out multiple times delivering what I needed and being truly professional every step along the way."

Roger Bolton, Owner / Director, CoreMelt Plugins for Final Cut Pro X