Efficient service is a top priority for Able Applied Technologies (AAT). AAT designs, manufactures, and repairs price displays and other signage for service stations. As their website states, “if you've ever seen a price sign outside a gas station in Europe, the Americas, or Australasia, chances are that it's one of ours!” Kosada was able to help them meet this priority goal.

Their head office, located in Columbus, Ohio, turned to Kosada to help implement some improvements to their service workflow for American and Canadian locations. AAT has a Drupal-based web system to manage service calls. This system coordinates and tracks the repair process from when a person calls in the problem to successful repair. AAT managers, in-house technical support, and shipping personnel rely on the system, with on-site repair technicians receiving information from it.

Working with AAT on requirements, Kosada’s developers were able to make the call system more responsive to AAT’s needs. This included assisting with a Drupal software upgrade, simplifying the user interface to make data entry more efficient, implementing configuration management to streamline the process of testing and deploying changes to the site, and adding new features to the site to help AAT personnel provide better customer service.

Jaymie Strecker, a Kosada developer, remarked, “Able Applied Technologies was great to work for. It was interesting to gain an in-depth understanding of their service workflow and be able to improve the efficiency of AAT's day-to-day operations.”