In 2012, the Kosada team decided to invest in creating new software for interactive media production and mixed-media projects, called Vuo.

A few of Kosada’s developers started with a desire back in the late 1990’s to take live audio input, analyze it, and use it to draw engaging graphics. This interest deepened, and for several years the team made plug-ins for Apple’s Quartz Composer, a flexible visual programing environment that ran in real time, to expand its capacity to manipulate graphics, sounds, and much more.

Due to that work, our team continued to develop expertise in media, graphics, and animation.

We eventually realized we wanted to develop new software that didn’t rely on where Apple might (or might not) take Quartz Composer.

Vuo now has evolved into a kit for making a million different projects — apps, videos, prototypes, plugins, exhibits, live performance effects, and more. In addition, Vuo’s development has expanded our expertise on:

  • graphics (GLSL shaders, OpenGL, graphic algorithms, etc.)
  • audio processing
  • hardware interfaces
  • software APIs, SDKs, and integrated development environments (IDEs)
  • compiler development
  • multithreading and multiprocessing
  • user-interface design and implementation
  • user documentation, including a manual and video tutorials
  • automated testing
  • continuous integration (CI)
  • community development
  • and other facets of macOS development.

If you have a macOS system, we hope you’ll download Vuo’s free trial and let us know what you think. Above all, we designed it to be easy to use and fun to learn.