Erie Plating Company wanted to showcase their metal finishing expertise with an updated, mobile-friendly website. Kosada worked with them to produce a clean, modern website where images on the front page immediately draw attention to some of their most popular services.

Dave Briggs, company president, remarked: “Erie Plating Company greatly appreciated the time and personal involvement Kosada members took to understand our metal finishing know-how and capabilities and both capture and effectively convey our core business model, metal finishing capabilities, and customer service objectives, into our new website.  As a result, Erie Plating Company has benefited from an increased volume of incoming customer 'requests for quote' and customer visits."

By focusing both on layout and content during the redesign, Erie Plating Company has additionally seen an increase in the number of pages a visitor views during a website visit and the time spent on the site.

One new feature that made the website more useful to customers was a new ability to add design drawings to quote requests, which has helped streamline the quote process. Kosada was able to efficiently implement another site feature, interactive tables for viewing Erie Plating’s metal finishes, by using the Drupal 8 content management system’s built-in capabilities. The site also includes a Kosada-built custom module that notifies customers via e-mail of shipped work orders.

Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell, a Kosada website developer, said, “This was a great collaboration. We had the opportunity to learn more about metal plating so we could present the information in a way that helps Erie Plating’s customers.”