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Developer Emeritus

Software developer Chris Wright

Chris was with Kosada since the beginning, having first worked with Steve in 1998 to develop a custom operating system. After a brief fling with DeVry, he spent 2 years doing missionary work in Utah. He returned in February 2007, bringing (back) his experience with C, C++, PHP, various Unix hackeries, and many other development tools. From 2007 until 2010 he contributed to popular programs such as Firefox and Thunderbird to better mold them to the needs of individual clients. He's also been on the front lines of some of our exciting work with Quartz Composer. As of Monday, Jan 31st 2010, he is on to greener pastures in Cupertino, where he has been recruited by Apple to work on the official side of Quartz Composer. We'll be watching for you on the Quartz Composer mailing list, buddy.