Kosada's commitment to giving back to the Drupal community included publishing two modules earlier this month stemming from two related customizations for a client this past August: Organic group Titles and Organic group RSVP.

The development of these modules required intensive knowledge of prominent third-party modules for Drupal including Views, Organic groups, and Event. The Views module API changed from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 requiring all module developers to learn new handlers to integrate their modules with Views functionality. Both OG Titles and OG RSVP included a taste of Views 2 joining group node and user tables in relationships, fields, filters, and sorting handlers. With regard to Organic groups and Event, Kosada included internal module hooks to take into account several use cases for a thorough implementation of a group RSVP implementation.

Organic groups Titles extends the Organic groups module to include arbitrary group member titles. Group managers may add titles such as "Grand Marshal", "Secretary", "Treasurer", or even a titles as silly as "Cool Dude". These can easily be displayed by creating views including the OG Titles 'title' field.

Organic groups RSVP is an RSVP extension for the Event module (linked above) specifically tailored for inviting Organic groups. OG RSVP implements an easy-to-use interface for invitations and RSVPs by using Organic groups Audience form and displaying the RSVP status form directly on the node respectively. This decision to not use local tabs was finalized after research with our clients about user interface usability. Member RSVP status can be displayed on group content directly or in any number of views a site administrator can think of such as "My Pending Events".