Peter and Niclas have been our contacts at Noise Industries, who commissioned Kosada to develop custom Quartz Composer effects for use with their recent FxFactory release. Our contribution was the ParticleMetrix plugin bundle. Now that the release has been out for a little while, we have a follow-up interview with them:

Where do you see this effect being used?

Niclas: Anywhere from Wedding Videographers to Hollywood movies.

Peter: It is already in use from single user corporate productions right up to international broadcasters

Where do you see future versions going?

Niclas: I will leave this one to Peter. I would say, more presets, more features etc.

Peter: We have a few plans fro ParticleMetrix, new features, improvements etc.

What has the general response to it been?

Niclas: Very positive. Peter has been collecting some quotes from users. Can you share some of them Peter?

Peter: Fantastic, lots of great reviews and complimentary emails.

How was the process while it was in development?

Peter: Good, it was quite a complicated plugin so it took a few versions to get right.

Niclas: Excellent, working with Chris is always a great pleasure. He is professional, super quick etc.

Anything else you want to talk about?

Peter: This was a team effort of about 6 people's work, all worked hard to make a great product.