Contact info updates

There have been a few changes in our contact info! Don't worry, this doesn't reflect any changes in our services, ownership, or management. The changes are:

  • The old fax number has been disconnected. We are now able to receive faxes as well as phone calls at our main number, +1 (888) 8-KOSADA, thanks to a new integrated phone system.
  • We have discontinued the 388-9026 number as a tech support line. Tech support can now be reached by dialing the main number and pressing extension 1. Steve can be reached directly by dialing the main number and pressing extension 0.
  • Our main office is moving from Westerville, Ohio to Athens, Ohio. Mail sent to the Westerville address will be forwarded to the Athens address for the next several months to avoid any confusion, but you should make sure to send any postal mail directly to the Athens address for quick delivery.

Of course you can still contact us as always via our contact form if you have any questions or concerns.

Two new Drupal modules released

Kosada's commitment to giving back to the Drupal community included publishing two modules earlier this month stemming from two related customizations for a client this past August: Organic group Titles and Organic group RSVP.

The development of these modules required intensive knowledge of prominent third-party modules for Drupal including Views, Organic groups, and Event. The Views module API changed from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 requiring all module developers to learn new handlers to integrate their modules with Views functionality. Both OG Titles and OG RSVP included a taste of Views 2 joining group node and user tables in relationships, fields, filters, and sorting handlers. With regard to Organic groups and Event, Kosada included internal module hooks to take into account several use cases for a thorough implementation of a group RSVP implementation.

RoleReferral module for Drupal 6.x development and release

We recently developed and released a small module that allows easy access for viewers referred by specific approved links to content that would otherwise be obscured from anonymous users. It was also the maiden voyage of Bradley Mellen, our newest hire – it was both his first project since joining Kosada and also his first Drupal module.

Role Referral allows the assignment of roles to anonymous users who enter the site at a specific URL ([drupalsite]/referred) from a specified referring URL. It relies on an access control module such as TacLite to allow or deny permissions to referred users, without their having to log in.

The module can be found on the Drupal development section of this site or downloaded directly from the Drupal website.
It is currently available only for Drupal 6.x

QuartzCrystal 1.2 released

QuartzCrystal is a renderer for Apple's Quartz Composer. The new QuartzCrystal 1.2 release adds the following features:

* Temporal Supersampling (Motion Blur)
* Output to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and OpenEXR Image Sequences
* French, Italian, German, and Japanese localizations

It also includes a few minor user interface improvements and bug fixes.

The official QuartzCrystal page on the Kineme website, , has downloads for purchase ($14 now that v1.2 is out) and more information.

Users who purchased QuartzCrystal 1.0 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 1.2. Just download the new version.

Kosada Incorporated

Kosada uses the same technology that it provides to its customers. We use Drupal for this very site and the collaboration tool, Open Atrium, for all internal document management, accounting, payroll, inventory, task management, and as a general repository for any "loose" data that would otherwise be inefficiently stored in filing cabinets. We customize Drupal modules to meet the needs of new and innovative methods of data storage and manipulation.