Kosada is Developing a Next-Generation Programming and Performance Environment for Multimedia Artists

Vuo logoKosada is developing Vuo, a next-generation visual programming environment. It will enable multimedia artists to create powerful real-time audiovisual projects, data visualizations, and apps — all without writing code.

With Vuo, non-programmers will be able to create their own multimedia software for interactive art and music performances, animations, visualizations, games, special effects, museum exhibits, kiosks and other artistic projects. Rather than writing code in a traditional computer language, the composer will drag and drop building blocks onto a canvas, connecting those blocks with cables to create the composition. Unlike most programming environments, artists will be able to interact with their Vuo compositions while they are running, allowing for live improvisation.

"All Here!" app helps teachers take attendance

Available on the App Store

Teachers can now use an iPhone/iPad app to keep track of students' attendance. With "All Here!", a teacher can take attendance, e-mail attendance records, put students into groups, and even play a game to learn students' names and faces.

"All Here!" is the third iPhone/iPad app for teachers from ClassEapps and Kosada. ClassEapps and Kosada previously teamed up to create "Grade It!", an app that calculates grade percentages, and "Pick Me!", an app that randomly picks students and tracks students' participation.

Al Gore uses application developed by Kosada

Former Vice President Al Gore, former Governor Jennifer Granholm, and “The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur used the UltimateLogger application, which was developed by Kosada, to prepare commentary for a recent GOP presidential debate.

Gore, Granholm, and Uygur used UltimateLogger while watching the debate to bookmark clips they wanted to talk about in Current TV's post-debate analysis. Through a custom user interface designed specifically for the debate, they logged the time and some details about each clip at the touch of a button.

Commissioned and designed by Christopher Keath, UltimateLogger was originally created for use by sportscasters. But its support for customized user interfaces made it the perfect candidate for the GOP debate.

"Everyone was impressed," said Keath.

Bowing Fun — now available

Available on the App StoreBowing Fun generates random string crossing exercises for violin, viola, cello and double bass to develop sight-reading skills and agility. Exercises are printable and can be individually programmed for any level of difficulty. Included is a custom option for use in developing finger strength and pick speed on guitar and other string instruments.

Developed for P. G. Robinson by Kosada.