CooperVision International Website Platform

CooperVision, a leading contact lens maker, has subsidiaries in dozens of countries. In 2012, CooperVision undertook an initiative to harmonize its Brand and Web experience, regardless of the country. CooperVision wanted to consolidate all websites onto a single Drupal-based platform, allowing updates to easily be pushed out to all countries and to unify branding and functionality. Kosada was able to help CooperVision create an adaptable website platform.

“I have been ecstatic with the work you did for us.”

April Lyall, CooperVision’s Front End Web Developer

Kosada releases Vuo 1.1

Kosada has released Vuo version 1.1. For this release, Kosada implemented some major new features, including movie exporting (offline rendering with antialiasing and motion blur), serial input/output, new graphics shaders, more audio analyzers, and screen capture.

Vuo is a visual programming language for designing live interactive media.

Getulio Valentin Sanchez ports Kosada's "Administer Users by Role" module to Drupal 8, and wins Google Code-in grand prize

Back in 2008, Kosada developed and published the Drupal Administer Users by Role module — we noticed that Drupal lacked a way to delegate user administration to users without full administrative permissions, so we came up with a solution and shared it with the community. Initially we wrote it for Drupal 5, and later we ported it to Drupal 6. Currently about 5,700 websites use this module.

Getulio Valentin Sanchez recently worked on porting the module to Drupal 8, and for this and other work, was awarded the Google Code-In grand prize.

Congratulations, Getulio!

Kosada launches Vuo 1.0, a Visual Toolset to Create Live Interactive Media

Today Kosada announced the release of Vuo 1.0. Aimed at media producers, VJs, interactive artists, and media-making non-programmers, Vuo enables users to interactively create and mix audio, video, and 2D + 3D effects. It is designed for media production of heavy-duty graphics effects, professional stage production, multimedia installations, audio integration, and interactive data displays, while still being simple enough for casual experimentation.

Built for Mac OS X, Vuo is an alternative to Apple’s Quartz Composer, a popular visual programming tool, which is used in settings from live performances to studio post-production. Once focused on writing extensions to Quartz Composer, the Kosada team realized that to take full advantage of newer technologies, they would need to create their own visual programming tool.

Some of Vuo's example compositions

Kosada releases Vuo 0.9

Vuo, a environment for designing live interactive media, reached another milestone with Kosada’s release of beta version 0.9.

With Vuo, users can easily create multimedia effects by dragging, dropping, and connecting Vuo's building blocks to produce graphics, animations, sounds, apps, UI prototypes, and more. Vuo, a visual programming environment, is being designed as a robust alternative to Apple’s Quartz Composer. Vuo runs on Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

This release features live video input via QuickTime, including the built-in iSight camera on MacBooks and iMacs, expanding on Vuo’s audio and video capabilities, as well as many new building blocks for manipulating images, 3D objects, and improving logic flows.