Interconnecting Automation website

InterConnecting Automation (ICA) is dedicated to providing efficient, effective training for industrial automation products. With their broad array of services including not only hands-on training but also online courses and customized training equipment, a strong website is especially important to their business. Their Drupal 6 based site had served them for many years but was in need of an upgrade to a supported version of Drupal, as well as a visual refresh to bring it up to date with the other elements of their online presence.

"I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism and care for the project… The work performed was above and beyond what I expected. Great job. Plan on using them for all of our website needs."

Doug Bell, Owner, Interconnecting Automation

Mobile and Desktop apps

Kosada has built or collaborated on mobile and desktop apps for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. We have successfully submitted apps for the Mac App Store, the iOS App Store, the Amazon App Store,  and the Google Play App Store. We've worked on apps for clients, such as Vezér, and made apps ourselves, such as Decimator.

“Kosada is an outstanding software company with professional specialists who always delivered projects on time and budget. We look forward to engaging them in future projects.”

— Tamas Nagy, Vezér

Design With Science website

The consulting firm, Design with Science, asked Kosada to showcase their client services. The result was a mobile-friendly “tall” page that explains the firm’s expertise, profiles its lead project manager, and provides contact information. The site was built using the Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS), making the site easy to customize.

"The new site is visually stunning, very modern and clean and the middle section (What we do) with the photos and questions definitely drew me in."

Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, EDAC
Senior Associate, GBBN Architects Inc.

Able Applied Technologies

Efficient service is a top priority for Able Applied Technologies (AAT). AAT designs, manufactures, and repairs price displays and other signage for service stations. As their website states, “if you've ever seen a price sign outside a gas station in Europe, the Americas, or Australasia, chances are that it's one of ours!” Kosada was able to help them meet this priority goal.

"Kosada was able to ramp up quickly on one of our crucial custom applications and provide us with timely and high quality engineering support.  Kosada’s team was thorough and thoughtful.  We were very happy with their work."

— Jim Taylor, Project Manager, Able Applied Technologies

Kineme Projects

Before developing Vuo, Kosada built many add-ons for Apple’s Quartz Composer, a visual programming environment. These projects often involved problem solving around obtaining better performance, creating new hardware interfaces, and displaying high-quality graphics. Kosada also built to sell several add-ons and support a Quartz Composer forum. Kosada created over 40 Quartz Composer add-ons, and provided custom development.  A sampling of those projects:

"Kosada / Kineme have helped me out multiple times delivering what I needed and being truly professional every step along the way."

Roger Bolton, Owner / Director, CoreMelt Plugins for Final Cut Pro X