Vuo lets media creators make interactive animations, exhibits, and professional-grade media projects by connecting up simple building blocks. Media creators can use these blocks to manipulate audio input, images, layers, videos, and 2D + 3D graphics, as well as record high-quality video of the results. Vuo 1.2 adds the ability to create custom building blocks, further simplifying workflow.

Vuo 1.2 provides quality and speed increases when rendering complex graphics, due to improved graphics performance and reduced CPU usage. In Vuo 1.2 for Mac OS X, media creators can organize and simplify their compositions by combining Vuo’s building blocks to create larger, custom, reusable building blocks.

In addition, Vuo 1.2 adds:

  • New 3D graphic shapes and 2D image filters, including a frosted glass effect, a radial RGB offset effect, and noise image generators
  • Timing nodes to trigger animations at a certain time of day or relative to events such as a mouse click
  • Beat detection for syncing visuals with audio tracks
  • A fisheye camera, which can be used to warp 2D + 3D scenes and render them on a dome
  • USB HID support for joysticks, game controllers, and other USB-HID-compliant devices

Vuo's other features include:

  • Real-time interaction using audio input, MIDI, OSC, and Art-Net DMX integration, or Kinect and Leap Motion device input
  • Sharing visuals with other Mac apps through Syphon
  • High-quality video export and interactive recording
  • Exporting compositions as Mac apps
  • CPU and GPU performance optimizations, including automatic multi-threading, compilation to machine code, and shader-based OpenGL
  • Support for new users (, including video tutorials

Vuo costs $49, and Vuo Pro — which includes the fisheye camera and other Pro features — costs $149. Both are available at More details are available at or in our video (

For more images and videos, see our Vuo 1.2 media kits for general audiences, dome and VR media creators, and VJs and visualists.

Vuo is developed by Kosada, an owner-operated company that specializes in multimedia and custom software development. Custom development includes applications for Mac, iOS, and Android, and web applications using Drupal. Kosada has long supported the multimedia community through hosting Kineme, a site for Quartz Composer users.