Job Title
Software Developer

Jaymie Strecker is a software developer who contributes to Kosada's desktop, mobile, and web software.

Since joining the Kosada team in 2010, Jaymie (who prefers the pronoun "they") has developed Drupal websites, iOS apps, and other custom software to meet the needs of Kosada's customers. Among their first projects at Kosada were improvements to the Kineme product line of Quartz Composer plugins. With experience in visual programming and media software gained from Kineme, Jaymie and coworkers created a new visual programming environment, Vuo. Jaymie continues to be instrumental in Vuo's development and support.

Jaymie began working at Kosada after grad school and a stint as a computer science professor. During their time as a student and teacher, they gained experience in developing software through internships and consulting. They developed applications to help college administrators assign students to course sections, to help speech-language pathologists assist patients with talking keyboards, and to help botanists analyze photographs of tomato slices. Jaymie earned a BA in math and computer science from the College of Wooster and a PhD in computer science from the University of Maryland.

Jaymie's extracurricular activities include VJing for experimental electronic music, playing roller derby, and socializing with cats.