Kosada has been at work on software development from the start. Our projects span diverse categories as our own software, Vuo, a visual kit to create interactive media, iOS and Android apps, Kineme custom open-source Quartz Composer plugins, extensions for the Drupal content management system, other custom software as commissioned by clients, and software systems for our own internal use. We also support projects that use legacy computer code. We have familiarity with a range of languages and software. Kosada has dual locations in Athens, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

We strive to make use of emerging technologies — we're constantly reading up on new information technology (IT) developments and evaluating them for use in products. Our recent projects have given us specific expertise in graphics and database integration. We also work hard to make use of and integrate with open technologies — "play well" with others. And of course we strive to improve the software community by releasing products as open source, contributing to existing open source projects, and promoting the use of open source projects. And we release our open-source projects under the MIT license or GPL whenever possible.

For all our projects we believe in breaking a big project down into concrete phases and steps so we can make sure we have valid resource estimates for each part of the project. We coordinate with the client to ensure the plan fulfills their objectives. We routinely use case management to track work, troubleshooting and debugging actions, and evolving issues. We are always researching and incorporating best security practices.

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