Kosada has either developed or contributed to the development of this software.

All Here! All Here! on the App Store

Keeps track of student attendance.

Bowing Challenge Bowing Challenge on the App Store

Generates random string crossing exercises for violin, viola, cello and double bass to develop sight-reading skills and agility.

Decimator Decimator on the App Store

Looks up Dewey Decimal numbers. Kosada developed, maintains, and provides this free app in the Apple iOS store.

Grade It! Grade It! on the App Store

Calculates percentages for classroom assessments.

Pick Me! Pick Me! on the App Store

Randomly pulls a student's name to call on, and records whether the student's answer was correct.

Vezér and Mitti

Vezér is a timeline controller for audiovisual artists, and Mitti is video cue playback software for macOS, both built by Imimot. Kosada assisted with implementing several parts of these apps, including the audio analyzer, projection mapping, and high-performance video decoding.